AIR MUSIC : Air called oxygen keeps our body alive. Air called Music keeps our Soul alive. We don’t produce air called oxygen. But we can produce air called music.Musiccan be an analogy with anything. Nothing can be an analogy with music. Music can be produced through two means namely instruments and vocal organs. Certainly, vocals precede any instrument. In other words, voice is the best instrument and is unique. There is a saying, “Sound mind is in sound body”. The sound that keeps our body and mind sound is MUSIC.

OUR TREND :In our organization, we have a trend where we give importance to lyrics which is meant for vocalists as well as notes which is meant for instrumentalist, together. We follow the foot steps of Guru Sri. Thanjavur Srinivasa Iyer, Guru Sri. Gopinath. Trichy. and Guru Smt. Ambujam Vethantham for vocals and Guru Palani.S. Lakshmi Narasima Iyer and Guru Sri. V. Rengarajan Trichy for instrumentals.

Training Session

Training for stage performance
Training for vocal competition
Training for vocal exams.
Training for Music teachers
Audio & Media Voice modulation

*We train the trainees according to their ability and wish under the categories mentioned above.

Session Schedule

Twice in a week - (2 Hrs)
Alternate days - (2 Hrs)
Daily - (1 Hr).